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Luminous Angel is created to purge the scam menace in the crypto industry with a wild range of exploit mitigation tools in her ecosystem. Ensuring the crypto space is safer today and for the upcoming generations. 

The following are the anti-scammer tools:

📌 Luminous Network bot

📌 Luminous Escrow bot

📌 Luminous Giveaway bot

📌 Luminous whitelist bot

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Luminous Angel's Story

Telegram Is the most used social Application Investors, freelancers, marketers, influencers and companies used for networking in the crypto industry. However, the pitfalls of the App are equally visible with the countless stories and numerous scam tricks played by ill-meaning individuals.

This birthed the ideal of our scam mitigation tools. For instance, we developed a decentralized marketplace bot on Telegram to facilitate safe transactions between employers and service providers in the web3 space. The platform helps developers and project leads, who needs skilled hands, hire verified service providers without fear of being scammed.

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Security Tools

Advanced security tools for crypto traders.

Use these tools to ensure that your trades go safely and smoothly – and free from crypto scammers.

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Learn the insider secrets on how to trade your crypto while minimizing as much risks as possible. 


The Luminous Roadmap

Luminous will be more than just a token—we are here to revolutionize crypto safety.

Q1 2022

✅ Conceptualization of Luminous Angel

Q2 2022

✅ Formation of core developers and team members 

✅ Research 

Q3 2022

✅ Utilities Development

✅ Strategic Partnerships & collaborations

✅ Website Development

✅ Whitepaper V1 

✅ Hold Private Sale 

✅ Contract creation, Audit, KYC 

✅ Global marketing push, build social media awareness

✅ Public Presale 

✅ Pancakeswap Launch

✅ NFTs listing

✅ $LAT staking DApp

✅ Multichain Integration

✅ Fiat On-Ramp integration

✅ $LAT get tracked by  CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko,, Binance, Coinbase, Coinpaprika, e.t.c

Q4 2022

✅ Announce partnerships with some traditional brands 

✅ Make some celebrities as brand ambassadors

✅ Open online merch store

✅ Second phase marketing push with Influencers, celebrities, and traditional media

✅ List on some Centralized exchanges

Q1 2023

✅ Development of more utilities 

✅ Luminous Angel Game development

✅ Luminous Angel App Development

Q2 2023

✅ List on more centralized Exchanges

✅ Continued marketing

Q3 2023

✅ First Annual Luminous Angel Award

✅ Continued Partnerships and Collaborations

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy - Co-founder

(Research, Development, & Social Media Director)

He is a world citizen and lover of humanity, He is a critical thinker, an innovator, a digital marketer, an entrepreneur, interpreneur, Blockchain enthusiast and social change advocate. The founder of
In the past one decade, he has been playing an active role in his community, and working with others to make our planet more equal, fair, and sustainable for mankind.
With his 3 years of experience in the crypto industry, he has helped some micro and large crypto projects with marketing.
He strongly believes Blockchain technology can be used to facilitate a wide range of social impact in our environments.

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